Journey to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

Beach vacations are always fun and relaxing, especially in North Carolina. However, sometimes, you may want to take a break from the sandy shores to get out and explore what lies beneath the waves. You can do that without actually getting wet at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

The aquarium takes you on a “tour” down the Cape Fear River. Start your journey in the Cape Fear Conservatory in the most majestic way – seeing the bald eagle. Experience tree frogs, box turtles and various snakes before you encounter the Cape Fear alligators. Among the alligators is a rare albino named Luna, who guests love.

Your adventure continues beyond the conservatory into the Marine building. Meet the sea turtles that the North Carolina beaches are famous for. Watch these beautiful creatures that we strive to protect as they swim in their habitats. Gently touch sea animals in the tide pool touch tank and watch the beautiful tropical fish before you make it to the rays. Guests have the opportunity to talk to scuba divers about the rays and eels that they feed and swim with.

After your time in the “reef,” venture out to the “open ocean” where you will experience creepy moray eel caves, lazy jellyfish and happy seahorses. The big, beautiful open ocean exhibit will have you staring for ages and dreaming you were gliding along effortlessly like the inhabitants.

Learn as you explore with friends and family and understand why the Aquarium is a regional and national attraction for visitors to North Carolina. You will not be disappointed!