What is “They Will Surf Again” at Wrightsville Beach? A moving event to help the physically disadvantaged get in the water and ride some surf!

On Wrightsville Beach, surfing seems innate.  No matter the time of the day; if there are waves, there are surfers. Ocean Cure established a way for making this second nature activity to most a fun activity for the medically fragile and at-risk children and adults. They accomplish what seems to be impossible. This Saturday, July 28th, Ocean Cure presents Life Rolls On: They will Surf Again at Wrightsville Beach. Life Rolls On: They will Surf Again gives children and adults with spinal cord injuries a chance to surf a wave.  An activity that is almost unimaginable for the participants. This will be the event’s forth year ran by Kevin Murphy. A qualified instructor will take the disabled child or adult out into the waves. When the perfect wave comes, the instructor hops on the board with them and rides the wave as well. Life jackets are worn by the participant for safety precaution. This is a magical moment not only for the participants, but for the volunteers, family, and friends. To volunteer, please visit Ocean Cure’s Facebook page.  Odysea Surf School is the main sponsor as well.