Parks to Visit Near Carolina Beach and Kure Beach

Both Carolina Beach and Kure Beach feature fun and rewarding family-friendly parks to visit. Experience Carolina Beach family-friendly activities on the boardwalk, as well as local playgrounds and the area’s beautiful sandy beaches.

Below we cover our top three favorite parks near Carolina Beach and Kure Beach. Be sure to stop by each one as you see what this top North Carolina vacation destination has to offer. Looking for a place to stay? Check out our wide selection of Kure Beach and Carolina Beach vacation rentals.

visit Carolina Beach State park with your family

Carolina Beach State Park

A stop by this classic (and massive) state park is a must. It is one of the most popular things to do in Carolina Beach.

You are welcomed to the park by a visitor’s center. Get to learn about the natural ecology of the area, including what wildlife you can spot for the season and what plants are identifiable. This includes the famous Venus flytrap, which can be found hidden away in many of the nooks of the Carolina Beach State Park.

The park features a convenient marina for you to access the water with your boat. Consider renting a boat from a local provider or bringing your own. You don’t need a boat to enjoy the water or fish. The park is famous for its many fishing nooks lining the shore. Beaches are filled with natural foliage and greens, making for some and quiet little spots to fish for bluefish, sea trout, and striped bass.

There’s also a quiet camping area by the trees. The park is typically open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Specific seasonal hours are available on the park website. It is located at 1010 State Park Road.

visit Freeman Park at Carolina Beach

Freeman Park

The first thing you may notice is how quiet and natural Freeman Park. A big reason is that the park is a trash-free zone. Everything you pick in must go back out. Littering comes at a sizable fine and is incredibly discouraged. There are also few convenient amenities, making Freeman Park a tough spot to visit for families with young children.

The trade-off is that Freeman park is revered for its natural beauty and untapped land. Its acre upon acre of open water and sand, where guests come for a variety of water side activities, including swimming, fishing, boating, casting for minnows, or crabbing.

Freeman Park requires an access pass for all 4×4 vehicles looking to spend the day on the sand.

Mike Chappel Park

Mike Chappel Park is a change of pace. It is the ideal spot for families due to its wonderful and ambitious playground. It’s full of swings, slides, and other things for kids to jump and hop through. Older kids can have a good time over at the 8,000 square foot skate park.

There’s also plenty of other ways to play outside the playground. Play at any of the two tennis courts, regular or youth basketball area, baseball and softball fields, and soccer field.

We love how many parks are available to our guests. Budget-conscious visitors can visit any of these parks and get hours upon hours of family fun and joy. Our Carolina Beach vacation rentals give you a great introduction to the area. Explore our full list of Kure Beach rentals to see what the specific area has for you and your family. Be sure to check out our Carolina Beach rentals to find comparable amenities and luxury decor.

We truly believe both beaches are stunning and some of the best destinations along the North Carolina coast. We make sure to match the magic of Carolina and Kure Beach with lovely family rentals.