Mouth Watering Deliciousness, AKA Britt’s Donuts

Mouth Watering Deliciousness, AKA Britt’s Donuts

(Carolina Beach, NC)

Britt’s Donuts opened its doors in 1939 – a small spot for the locals on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. Who knew a shop that sold only glazed donuts (by the single or by the bag) would turn into a place that attracts people from all over. Seriously, people come to Carolina Beach JUST for the donuts. They really are that good.

Bobby and Maxine Nivens truly discovered a gold mine when they opened up the little donut shop on the boardwalk.

Britt’s is open seasonally – so get them while their hot. As described on their official fan page, the donuts are: Glazed, Plain, & Delicious beyond comprehension. The owners have written a book which is expected to debut this month.  Check out their fan page with fun facts about the company here.

One word of advice from an experienced donut eater – expect to wait in line.