How to make sure you get the Carolina Beach vacation rental you truly desire and deserve!

When the cold weather sets in, warm-weather lovers flock to the beach. Even if they are not going right then, it seems that booking your beach 000_0033vacation puts you in the mindset of warmer weather and lounging by the waves. It’s easy now to cuddle up under a blanket and get your vacation booked. It gets you through the bitter cold of January and February.

Large oceanfront homes get snatched up pretty quickly by early January, so if you are planning a beach getaway in the spring or summer, the early bird gets the worm. In general, a new year makes people feel like they want to be proactive and plan out their lives for the entire year.

As vacation property owners, this is great news especially coming off of the holidays. It means that your income spikes in the beginning of the year. How do you prepare for the best new year of vacation rentals? Get prepared.

1 – Take a trip…
…to your property. If no one has been there in a while, check everything you can think of. Remove any clutter, fix anything that needs to be fixed and do a general check on the upkeep if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to take a day to relax and enjoy your property too.

2 – Start a fund…
…if you haven’t already. Definitely keep a nest egg of about 3 months to ensure that if your property sits vacant or a renter accidentally punches a hole through a wall, you are covered for those expenses.

3 – Book your vacation…
…if you are planning on vacationing at your own property. You should start out the year like the other proactive renters and black out the dates that you will be there.

If you are looking to purchase a home for the purpose of vacation rental, look for homes that you would want to vacation at. Smaller homes that are further away from the beach are not going to bring in the top dollar. Here are a few things to look for :

1 – Ocean view
Even if the view is a little sliver, it can still be a view to be appreciated, especially if the foliage surrounding the view is pretty.

2 – Amenities
If you purchase a condo rather than a house, make sure that the amenities will also bring in guests. Pools, tennis courts, playgrounds and fitness centers are great amenities for potential renters. Also, you may not think about it, but a washer and dryer is a great amenity to have as well.

Kids jumping in Carolina Beach swimming pool

Adventures & Things to See

3 – Location
Though some vacationers may want to truly get away from everything, having a property near the hustle and bustle is a plus. Renters who can walk or take a short drive to great restaurants will most likely enjoy their stay more and will come back.

4 – Special details
Really great homes with special features like bright, big open windows or charming little nooks are booked quickly. Oceanfront properties with calming colors and inviting furnishings are always a plus for renters as well.

5 – Hardy Furnishings
If you buy a rental property strictly for vacations, you will have to furnish the property. Pick furnishings with hardy fabrics in neutral colors that will stand up to wear and tear. Don’t pick precious decorative items to place around the property that you will regret losing if they are broken. Laminate flooring is a great economical option for floor replacement if you buy a fixer upper.

If you are dreaming of the beach instead of the snow, check out the great properties available for your vacation at Victory Beach Vacations.

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