The Largest (Small) Bathrooms in a rental

The Largest (Small) Bathrooms

Let’s face it – some bathrooms are just small.

If you find yourself in one of these miniscule spaces, here are a few tips to create the feel of more space without actually tearing down any walls. First, add extra lighting. When a room is brighter, it automatically feels larger as a result. Next, remember, just as petite people wear petite clothing – petite bathrooms call for petite fixtures. For example, a trim pedestal sink versus a bulky vanity cabinet can provide a more open floor space.

The goal is to turn a claustrophobic space into a cozy space.

Another key to transform your tight quarters is to remove anything protruding. Less is more in these small spaces. implement a large mirror, if possible. The light reflecting on the mirror will give the illusion of more space. Finally, think light…everything…but especially in terms of colors. Flooring and paints should be kept to light shades, once again providing a mirage of extra space in your tiny bathroom. Ta-da!

Try these tricks, and soon you’ll find yourself in a “larger” and more comfortable bathroom.