IMAX Coming to the local area soon!

Another addition to Mayfaire coming this summer! IMAX technology is planned to debut at Mayfaire Stadium 16 movie theatre. If you have ever seen an IMAX film, it is not comparable to a typical movie. As soon as you walk into the theatre, the differences are obvious. The IMAX screen is a gigantic rectangle that is able to fill your field of vision. The screen also can enhance the feeling of motion. Last week, Regal Theatre was given the OK to transfer one of its theater screens into an IMAX setup. Monday, four permits were filed with the New Hanover County Inspections Department. The four permits, totaling $55,000, confirmed the activity for an IMAX theatre change. On Wednesday, Regal Entertainment put an end to all questions when they confirmed the IMAX theatre will be ready to view this summer. Since Regal’s Mayfaire Stadium 16 is extremely popular across the region, the IMAX will give their devoted moviegoers a variety of different screenings to choose from. “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Skyfall” are two popular IMAX showings coming this summer/fall. This conversion will bring more business and fun to the Mayfaire Center.