How to Have a Dog Friendly 4th of July on Carolina and Kure Beach

One of the best things about booking your vacation direct with Victory Beach Vacations is not only do we have, the best locations and beautiful homes on Kure and Carolina beach, but we also offer several pet-friendly vacation rentals. So this 4th of July there is no need to leave your favorite four-legged friend at home. This week we have all the best tips for dog owners vacationing with their dogs. Here are the ten best tips for celebrating the 4th of July with your dog on Pleasure Island. 

1. Make Dog Dossier

When hitting the road make sure to put together a folder or document with all your dog’s information. This is great to have in case you have an emergency. Better to have this information than be calling back home looking for it. Here are things to include: Vets name, Vaccination Records,Medical History, Allergies and an Emergency Contact in case you are incapacitated. 

2. Need A Vet

Hopefully you won’t need a vet this 4th of July, but accidents do happen, even with the best-behaved dogs. Knowing what vet you might use before you go is a good way to save time and reduce stress in an emergency situation. One tip is to call ahead and forward your information to a vet in the area so that your dog is already in their system. Need a vet on Pleasure Island? Click here.

3. Avoid Treats On The Road

While on the road it is best to avoid lots of treats. Our tendency is to spoil our favorite four-legged member of the family, but dogs do experience anxiety. Lots of treats may seem well-meaning but can actually cause upset stomachs. Dogs are even known to bury treats in things like car seats, sofas, and beds. 

4. Buckle Your Pooch Up

Driving distracted is not only dangerous for you but also your dog and others on the road. Play it safe, so you arrive at your Carolina and Kure Beach vacation without incident. Use a harness and restrain your dog while in the car. This will prevent injury to the dog. Plus in North Carolina distracted driving is an offense. An unrestrained dog in certain circumstances could be considered a distraction. 

5. Clean Up After Fido 

It’s hard to believe, but there are pet owners out there who do not pick up their dog’s waste. Not only is this gross, but it is also rude, spreads disease and is against the law. Make sure to pack plenty of waste bags with you. A great tip is to attach a small waste bag holder to your leash That way you always have them. 

6. Beach Access and Boardwalk Access

Dogs are not allowed on the Carolina Boardwalk. Dogs are allowed in Freeman Park provided they are on a leash. All beaches in Carolina Beach only allow dogs (on a leash) before 9:00 a.m. and after 5: 00 p.m. each day from April 1st through September 30th. Kure Beach does not allow dogs on the beach from April 1st through September 30th of each year. Fort Fisher, however, does allow dogs. 

7. A Tired Dog Is A Happy Dog

During vacation, you’re sure to have fun on Pleasure Island but remember travel can be stressful for your dog. Make sure to exercise your dog regularly to burn off that extra energy and anxiety he/she may be feeling. A tired dog is a happy dog, and you’ll find it will be far more relaxing if the dog continues his normal routine of walks and exercise. Mike Chappel Park in Carolina Beach and Joe Eakes Park in Kure Beach both have wonderful dog parks. 

8. Be Prepared For A Mess

We love dogs, but even the best-behaved ones tend to find a way to get dirty and wet. be prepared and pack the car with some towels, a brush, paper towels, and dry shampoo. This way after that early morning walk you can dry off your pooch before you get in the car. Also, most vacation homes have outside hoses so you can bath your dog when necessary. 

9. Identify Your Dog

It is easy to forget the little things when traveling. If you live in an area where your dog is always in a secure area, you may not have much in the way of identification on your dog. Remember if you get separated from your dog you definitely want it clearly identifiable. Make sure you have up to date contact info on their dog tag, along with their rabies tag. Chips are a great way to guarantee your dog will be found as most places look for and scan all lost dogs for chips. 

10. Bring A Little Bit Of Home With You

Don’t forget to bring some familiar things with you. A good place to start is a familiar blanket or an old t-shirt. This way the dog will have familiar smells in the vacation home. Also be sure to bring plenty of food. This isn’t the week to start a new diet. Finally, when you arrive at a new location stay with your dog and encourage her to explore the place. This will give the dog added comfort, and it will give you a chance to make sure there are no dangerous obstacles in the residence.