Hot & Glazed? Yes, Please!

Hot & Glazed? Yes, Please!

Since 1939, Britt’s Donuts in Carolina Beach, NC has drawn the crowds! The small donut shop located on the boardwalk has one thing on the menu: original glazed donuts.

Can they really be that good?

Amazingly delicious Britts Donut Shop of Carolina Beach Boardwalk


The donuts are so good – they even helped Carolina Beach’s Boardwalk land a spot on USA Today’s 25 Best Boardwalks across America list and in the Top 10 for Food and Wine Magazine.  From personal experience, I will afford you just a few of the reasons you have to make a trip for yourself. The donuts literally melt in your mouth, are always fresh and always hot, and the smell will make you salivate instantly.

My mouth is actually watering right now.

Just one more little thing… Britt’s is cash only. So, come prepared.

Carolina Beach Boardwalk’s Address: Carolina Beach Ave S. & Harper Ave Carolina Beach, NC 28428

By: Sarah Cox