What is Ocean Cure? A program utilizing the benefits of the beach / ocean to help the disabled.

So the stereo typical question is posed, “What is one thing you want to do before you die?” We all answer back thoughtfully, “Make a difference.” While many of us dream to make a difference one day, Ocean Cure is a 501c3 non-profit organization actually making the difference locally, today. This organization is committed to giving FREE surf lessons to at risk youth and adults, as well as medically disabled youth and adults. They also partner with Life Rolls On and the Wounded Warrior Program. Ocean Cure’s ultimate mission is: “To better the quality of life for those with disabilities through surfing!”

Ocean Cure is located in Carolina Beach, NC and has rapidly expanded over the 5 years it has been in operation. Through charity surf camps, people who would not otherwise have the opportunity, come away feeling empowered. Highly qualified surfing instructors lead participants through the waves, gliding them onto the shore, after fun-filled adventures.

Not only does Ocean Cure believe in the power of the ocean to heal, but they also believe in giving back to the water that gives so generously. The organization works to preserve and educate others about the ocean environment in the hopes that caring for our beaches will become more than a volunteering opportunity, but a life style!

In May, Ocean Cure took on an initiative to spread the word about their cause, tapping into the new way of technology: social media. Utilizing Facebook, Ocean Cure ran a promo to get 1,000 likes in a weekend! While this may seem a small success, every “like” stands for one person, and each person stands for growing knowledge of the organization and their mission. Let’s help get the word out. Victory Real Estate LIKES Ocean Cure! Do you?