What are the Best Beaches for Pets around North Carolina Beaches?

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Pets need a vacation too…

Getting a chance to go on vacation is always a treat, especially when you can get to the beach. It’s even better when you can do so along with some great companions. And for a lot of people, that means their best buddy – their dog.

While hotels and vacation rentals have begun to open their doors more and more to pet lovers,

some beaches are reluctant to. But in the Carolinas, that tide is beginning to turn. And there’s a couple of places where pet owners can enjoy the sand and surf with their furry companions without any troubles. These places? Carolina and Kure Beach. Read on to find out more about each of these beaches in full as well as where to stay.

Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach is a part of New Hanover County and is also part of the metropolitan area of the nearby city of Wilmington. The town itself is on Pleasure Island right next to the Cape Fear River, and the beach fronts the Atlantic Ocean. As warmer months begin to settle in, many flock to Carolina Beach to frolic on its windswept sands and to enjoy many of the activities in and around the beach itself. To begin with, many spend time on the beach’s famous boardwalk. Acclaimed as one of the top ten such structures in the nation, the Carolina Beach boardwalk was first built in the 1920s and quickly attracted hundreds who came to bask in the sun. A fire in the 1940s decimated it, but the town rebuilt it again just in time for the summer season the following year. It clocks in at 800 feet long and is dotted with vendors and eateries with the signature fixture being their Ferris wheel.

Another key attraction here is the Carolina Beach State Park. 

Just on the other side of Pleasure Island, the expansive park covers 761 acres of land. Visitors to the park can get into a number of great outdoor activities, such as hiking along the various trails that are several miles long. They can also go boating and fishing in the river, Masonboro Sound and the ocean, departing from the park’s marina which has slips for 54 boats.

When it comes to pets, they’re wholeheartedly welcome

in the area with some conditions to be noted beforehand. They’re allowed on Carolina Beach itself after 5 P.M. during the spring and summer months, and at all times in the fall and winter. Dogs aren’t permitted on the boardwalk or within that designated business area. When it comes to the park, pets aren’t allowed in the camping cabins there unless they’re designated service animals.  Otherwise, as long as they’re on a leash and
under constant control by the owner, they’re welcome. 

Kure Beach

This beach is actually located right below Carolina Beach as the halfway point between that beach and Fort Fisher. Kure Beach (pronounced as Cure-ee) is made up of eight public beaches and is widely known because here, you can disconnect and totally relax.  The first place to do so here is at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area.

The park covers six miles from the ocean to the river

and contains 288 acres of land in total. Activities that are enjoyed here include surf fishing, and the park does provide beach chairs for that at their visitor center. There’s a number of trails throughout, one of which will allow for visitors to see an old bunker dating back to World War II.  When it comes to dogs, they’re welcome year-round at the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area with conditions. They can’t enter any of the buildings unless they’re designated service animals, and they have to be leashed at all times. When it comes to the municipal beaches, it’s the same set of rules as observed on Carolina Beach- dogs are allowed on the beach in the fall and winter months, but not as it gets warmer. There is one place where your pooch can run free, however, and that’s the Gurney Hood Barking Lot at Joe Eakes Park.


The areas of Carolina and Kure Beach over the years have been mainstays for people looking to have a great getaway without any hang-ups. Bearing that in mind, there’s a slew of vacation rental properties that are available throughout the area that is now accessible for people and their pets.

Some of these places range from cozy and comfortable to the large and lavish depending on what you would prefer. All of these places are decked out with every creature comfort you’d expect from a hotel, right down to the outdoor decks with the pool.

The best way to find these beach vacation accommodations is through sites like Victory Beach Vacations with the option to filter their range of properties to select pet-friendly places, you will be able to find the perfect vacation rental that will suit your need. If you want to find out more about how to choose the best vacation rental, travel sites like Trip101 cover vacation rental recommendations and the best things to do that will make your trip fruitful.

Finding the best place to stay is optimal for a perfect trip, after all, you deserve a great vacation – treat your pets to one as well with any of these properties on Carolina Beach and Kure Beach!