Residents of distant Titan Cement plants share stories with Port City residents

Although cement and concrete hold the same purpose, they have many differences as well. Concrete is made from cement. Crushed and heated limestone is what makes cement. Alexandra Allred, former Olympian bobsledder, joined with Cape Fear River Watch and Pender Watch & Conservancy to attend the Picnic in the Park at Riverside Park in Castle Hayne.  Around 270 individuals gathered to listen and learn from Allred’s story. Allred and her family reside in Midlothian, Texas, also known as “the cement capital of Texas.” Her family has health issues due to them being surrounded by cement.  Before Allred bought the house in Midlothian, she asked if her or her family were in any danger living in a close radius of 3 cement plants. The relator’s response was the plants were in compliance. Shortly after her son was diagnosed with asthma, she realized the cause was in the air. 2003 was the last year Allred was able to sleep in her bed with her windows open. The Galemore family was also in attendant at the picnic. They lived in Chanute, Kansas, right down from the Ash Grove cement plant. Although the plant was updated in 2001, the grandchildren have developed asthma and one of the daughters has had a kidney transplant. These negative health effects are caused by the pollution produced from the cement kiln smokestacks.  What does this have to do with Castle Hayne, North Carolina? Carolina Cement is planning to come to Castle Hayne. Although it is said Carolina Cement will be a modern plant with modern pollution controls, there are still hazardous health concerns. For example, benzene, mercury, and hydrochloric acid are pollutants Carolina Cement will emit. They can be a danger to the residents of Castle Haynes health.

  Pretty ominous