The Ten Best New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

It’s time to say goodbye to one year, and hello to the next and 2018 promises to be a great one here on Kure and Carolina Beach. Here are Victory Beach Vacations we have a simple New Year’s Resolution; which is to continue to improve and ensure our clients have the best vacation experience possible. One way we will be achieving that is by improving our blog. In 2018 you can look forward to all sorts of new content featuring in-depth information about local events, travel advice, fun ways to improve your vacation and….well anything else we can share with you to help you plan and have an amazing vacation right here on Kure or Carolina Beach.  So let’s get started with our idea of 10 of the Best New Year’s Resolutions for 2018!

1-Travel to a New Destination

Is there anything more exciting than traveling to a new destination? We all have our favorite places to visit or vacation. However, this it is time to break out of your routine and look for a new adventure. Maybe you have always gone to Myrtle Beach or the North Carolina Mountains for your summer vacation. This year though it’s time to enjoy one of the treasures of the North Carolina coast. Nestled along beautiful shores of the Atlantic you’ll find two places that you simply must visit in 2018, places where you’ll find beautiful beaches, loads of family-friendly activities, great seafood, and adventure.  A place where the way of life is slow, where the locals say hi, and nobody is a stranger. Both Kure and Carolina Beach offer vacationers a unique family-friendly atmosphere rarely found along the Atlantic Coast. So this year try something new, take an adventure and come visit us on Carolina or Kure beach for your family’s beach vacation. We promise a new family tradition will be born.    

2-Get Active

Let’s face it we all could all take a little bit better care of ourselves, but with busy work schedules, and family obligations it is easy to put your health on the back burner. Of course, the beach is the perfect place to get active. With so many things to do and see, and with miles of beautiful beaches it is almost impossible not to be active on Kure and Carolina beach. Now look don’t run off yet, we don’t want you to buy an expensive gym membership you’ll never use or commit to working out 7 days a week beginning each morning at 5 am. Instead in 2018 create an active lifestyle by integrating exercise into your daily life and yes this includes during your summer vacation. During your Victory Beach Vacation here on Kure or Carolina beach, we have the perfect environment to keep your healthy lifestyle going. Here are just three examples of the dozens of easy ways to get active this year during your North Carolina beach vacation. 

  • Walking- Walking on the beach, or anywhere for that matter is great exercise, and did you know that walking on the beach in your bare feet burns even more calories.  Another great benefit of walking is it is a low impact sport and wonderful for weight loss, lowering blood pressure and your overall cardiovascular health. 
  • Cycling- Whether you are an avid cyclist looking for a long fast paced ride or a casual cruiser just looking to pedal your stress away wandering Carolina and Kure beaches, life is definitely better on a bike. If you don’t have a bike or able to bring one on your Kure beach vacation don’t worry we have everything you need right here with plenty of places to rent bicycles. 
  • Yoga-For thousands of years the benefits of Yoga have been known to much of the world. Yoga is a great exercise because you can literally do it anywhere and the sport requires very little or no equipment. Think about Yoga on the beach! The benefits of Yoga are many but include, lower blood pressure, increased mobility, and an overall full-body workout. 

3-Plan A Family Reunion

Time flies by way too fast in this modern age. After juggling work, family, and all the other responsibilities of our daily lives it is easy to understand how the years fly by without getting the whole family together. In 2018 take the time to plan a family reunion. Gather all the generations together in one place. With over 100 properties to choose from, we have the perfect Carolina beach vacation home to fit each branch of the family’s needs. Don’t let another year go by without bringing everyone together. 

 4-Have An Adventure

Relaxing on the beach enjoying the beautiful Carolina sun is a great way to spend your vacation, but in 2018 we want you to step outside your comfort zone and try a new adventure and here on Carolina and Kure beach we have plenty to try. Here are some of the great adventures waiting for you during your North Carolina beach vacation. 

  • Kayaking- is easy to learn and can be done alone, in tandem or via guided tours. Nothing is as exhilarating as paddling along the water and running into a pod of dolphins. Kayaks give you access to places you would never see from a traditional boat or from shore. So strap on a life jacket and throw on some sunscreen this adventure is sure to give you a whole new perspective.
  • Off Shore Fishing- If you’ve never been off-shore fishing before you are in for a treat. The beautiful waters around Kure and Carolina beach are teaming with thousands of fish representing hundreds of different species al just waiting to find a home on your grill. A day on the water allows you the opportunity to not only enjoy…well a day on the water but also the thrill that comes with reeling in the ‘big one”. From Tuna to Mackeral, Red Drum to Sea Bass you’re sure to go home with a cooler of fresh local seafood. 
  • Surf Lessons- Here on Carolina Beach we are lucky to call Tony Silvagni, the legendary professional surfer, a local. Now you can take advantage of Tony’s expertise and take that surfing lesson you have always wanted to try. So get ready to hang ten with the best and enjoy the soul-soothing motion of the waves.

5-Climb A Lighthouse

North Carolina’s coast has a rather notorious history within the shipping industry. For hundreds of years, shipping, military, and pleasure craft have had difficulty navigating the sometimes-treacherous waters along our coast. Because of this danger, numerous lighthouses were built along the coast to aid in navigation. These marvels of engineering are endearing reminders of the maritime traditions that helped found places like Kure and Carolina Beach. Many lighthouses have been in continuous operation and are now open to the public. One such place is Bald Head Island which is a fun day trip away from your Carolina Beach vacation rental. Not only is Bald Head a beautiful place to visit, but Old Baldy is one of North Carolina’s true historic treasures.

6-Visit an Aquarium

Did you know that your Kure beach vacation rental puts you just minutes away from one of the best Aquariums in the nation? Located right here on Kure Beach is the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Featuring a stunning array of marine life in a family-friendly environment that is full of interactive and interesting events and exhibits it is impossible to have a bad day while visiting the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Our favorite is the daily feedings which are well worth seeing. The aquarium is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. The entire facility is handicap accessible and there is plenty of free onsite parking. We encourage everyone to visit the aquarium which is a key partner in the local community ensuring our beaches, and waterways are protected and maintained for generations to enjoy. 

7-Take A Daytrip

During your North Carolina beach vacation here on Kure or Carolina Beach, we encourage you to get out and explore the local region. Of course, the best part of any day-trip is you get to return to one of our beautiful Kure or Carolina Beach vacation rentals so the day will always end perfectly but still, day-trips are fun for the whole family and a great way to explore some of the wonderful attractions in the region that we are proud to call home. Stay tuned for a special blog post about all the great day-trips you can take during your North Carolina beach vacations. 

8-Explore the Local Wildlife

We all love the beach. Nothing is more relaxing than just sitting back soaking up a beautiful North Carolina sun, but there is so much more to explore here on Carolina Beach. In 2018 take the time to explore the natural beauty surrounding Carolina and Kure beach. Many people are unaware that Carolina beach has several parks that allow visitors to interact with our local environment in a fun and adventurous way. The Carolina Beach State Park is 760 square miles of pure paradise. From enjoying miles of hiking on beautiful trails to finding the perfect remote fishing spot a day at the Carolina Beach State Park is a must-do activity for anyone who vacations on Carolina Beach. Don’t forget to stop in at the visitors center to learn about the extraordinary natural diversity. Picture a day surrounded by beautiful dunes, native wildlife, and majestic seagrasses. If you enjoy all of those wonderful experience and are looking to go crabbing or fishing, or maybe even kayaking then Freeman Park is the perfect place to get in touch with nature this year. Stay tuned for all the great ways to get out and explore the natural beauty of Kure and Carolina Beach in 2018. 

9-All About Local Seafood

No vacation is complete without a little seafood binge. Afterall, you are in the epicenter of great North Carolina seafood and it would be a shame to leave those delicious calories behind. From great restaurants to the local fish market we have everything you need to dine out, fish or prepare your own recipe. With dozens of fish markets to choose from here on Carolina Beach, you are sure to find the perfect seafood to bring home for the grill. Look forward to our post on fishing, seafood and a little hint we’ll even feature some local “staff picks” that you’ll be sure to want to try. 

10-Take A Step Back to 1955

Remember the old days when you strolled the boardwalk without a care in the world. Beach music floating thru the air, the smell of cotton candy in the air, and the bright lights of the carousel in the night sky? Over the years a lot of things have changed here on Kure and Carolina Beach but the family atmosphere and local family-friendly entertainment that made this area famous are still alive and well it may have the wholesome feeling of 1955 but with a modern twist. So this year come take a walk back in time and enjoy some of Carolina Beach’s unique opportunities to bring the family together just like the old days. The Carolina Beach Boardwalk has consistently been rated one the best boardwalks in the nation. Lined with pizza, ice cream, donut shops and an arcade nothing makes you feel like summer like the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. With tons of fun for everyone in the family, you’ll be sure to have an amazing time full of great memories on the Carolina Boardwalk.