Terminal Groins and our Beaches : Worth a Roll of the Dice??

Picture of a terminal groin courtesy of crcgis.stockton.edu

As you can see, they’re quite beautiful…

Worth a Roll of the Dice?

If you have been to Figure 8 Island, you know that the privacy of the beautiful North Carolina Beach is pristine. Figure 8 Island is positioned just north of Wrightsville Beach, with only a single entrance from the gated Causeway Bridge. Development on the island began in the early 1970s and has grown into the private estate for over 440 homes. You will often hear of this small island as a getaway for celebrities and politicians because of the extreme privacy.
Beyond the privacy, another main attraction to this haven is the wildlife conservation efforts residents have dedicated time and money to. Sea turtles are continually monitored and many homeowners spend free time helping to conserve the island’s natural habitants. Figure 8 Island is truly a paradise, a hidden gem…
…A hidden gem that may soon be non-existent if a terminal groin is not constructed to help save the beach.
So, who is rolling the dice? And, what are they betting on?
Figure 8 Island’s shore line is gradually eroding. For homeowners, this is a very serious concern, as families realize their precious homes may just be a part of the ocean. And while this is a main concern and it would seem that all would be in favor of a terminal groin for the area, there are strong opinions against the groin, as well.
Some feel that recreational area would be practically non-existent according to residents who enjoy the sand spit at the end of Rich Inlet. Likewise, for conservationists, the placement of a terminal groin would destroy the natural habitat on Figure 8 Island, and displace hundreds of microorganisms – the basis of the food chain.
While locals have opinions on what should happen on Figure 8 Island, ultimately, this decision lies in the hand of the state. The state will have to determine exactly, “What is the least damaging environmentally practicable alternative for Figure Eight Island?” according to WHQR, 91.3 fm.
It truly is a roll of the dice.
By: Sarah Cox