A “road diet.” Ever heard of one? No…? Me either. Apparenltly a lot of people think of it like a real diet. A PAIN! haha

Courtesy of Island Gazette. Click link to visit their site / article.

A “road diet.” Ever heard of one? No…? Me either. Basically, a road diet consists of a main road make over. In Carolina Beach’s case, this road happened to be Lake Park Blvd on Pleasure Island. The diet is supposed to give Lake Park Blvd a more of a “main street” feel. The reconstructions began in 2010, turning the 4 lane road into a 2 lane. This procedure caused an outcry from angry locals and tourist. Not only did it make traffic twice as cramped during the perfect summer days but parking was pain. Carolina Beach’s road diet is close to being completed. It is on budget and still expected to be completed by one of the busiest weekends of the year, Memorial Day Weekend. Having access to all 4 lanes during Memorial Day Weekend will make a worlds difference!