Pretty disappointing that we won’t have a movie theater near Carolina / Kure Beaches. At least we’ll have the “Movie on the Beach Night” tho!

Like it or not, Carmike Cinemas will not be expanding to the Monkey Junction area because of a tenant disagreement. Although in thought, Monkey Junction shopping center would be the perfect place to have a movie theater. Residents around the area will have to continue to travel to either the cinema on Market St or to Mayfaire. The long anticipated movie theater was planned to open by this summer.  The 1,800 seat cinema would feature films in 2D as well as 3D and a “Big D” Digital Experience auditorium. For the theater plans to pass, surrounding tenants must agree to a reciprocal easement agreement. A reciprocal agreement basically means all the tenants (Home Depot, ect.) have to allow the property owners (Carmike 16) to use the shared property among the tenants.  The agreement must be in writing and have 100% of the tenants on board. In this case, all the tenants were not on board for the 10-screen movie theater. Why is that? Wouldn’t a movie theater bring in tons of traffic leading to an increase in sales for the surrounding business?  Would it bring in “too much traffic?” The consideration to build in a different area in Monkey Junction is still up the air.