Kure Beach – A Sea Turtle Haven?

Kure Beach – A Sea Turtle Haven?

Sea Turtles are sometimes referred to as ‘the keeper of secrets.’ It is easy to understand why these

magnificent creatures have been given such names, especially with the latest finding in Kure Beach, NC.

Courtesy of WECT-6 and the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project


This July, sea turtle nests were identified in record numbers along Kure Beach. This area is home to

dedicated volunteers who frequent the beaches in search for new nests. This year, 14 nests hav

e been

found, each containing at least 100 eggs.

The eggs are in prime hatching season now, and will continue to hatch monthly according to WECT 6

Volunteers have made speculations as to why the numbers are so high this year. Homeowners in the

area have been limiting their usage of outdoor lighting, for one theory. Also, the recent beach mitigation

is thought to have contributed.

We apologize to the sea turtles… but the secret is out!

By: Sarah Cox