How to Pack Like A Pro For Your Carolina Beach Vacation

Helpful tips on how to pack for North Carolina beach vacation

Are you still frantically stuffing clothes in your suitcase and tossing your toiletries into a bag?  Nothing is more stressful than feeling disorganized or feeling like you forgot something as you head out on your relaxing North Carolina beach vacation. This week we have all sorts of helpful tips that will get you organized and packing for your beach vacation like a pro. 

Make A List Before You Pack

The key to packing like a pro is to first start with a plan. You wouldn’t after all just jump in a car and head towards a random beach. You shouldn’t pack this way either. Think about what your plans are for your Carolina Beach vacation. For parents it’s important to help your little ones. A friend once arrived at her destination to discover her six-year-old son had packed the family hamster in the suitcase! We want you to be surprised on your Carolina Beach vacation but you’ll probably want to leave the hamster at home. 

Tip: A general rule is to pack three tops to every bottom. 

Pack Realistically

You might imagine yourself going for a morning jog on the beach, but if this isn’t already part of your daily routine, you probably won’t do it while you’re on vacation. And you might end up dining at a five-star restaurant — but you don’t need to pack your best designer dress, just in case. In short, be honest with yourself about what you’re likely to be doing and wearing on your trip. If you’re packing something purely for a what-if scenario, you should take it out of your suitcase. Wondering what adventures you might get into during your Carolina Beach vacation, take a look at our previous post: Awesome Budget Friendly Family Beach Activities.

Air v. Car Travel

The reality is, traveling by air isn’t as fun as it used to be. With so many restrictions about what you can and cannot take on the airlines, it is a wonder anyone gets through security anymore. Add in the factors like the extra cost for checking a bag, weight restrictions, and the fear of losing a bag makes packing for a flight even more stressful. So consider this tip. Take a look at the mail. You can pack a lot of items in a large priority mail package or even a larger box. Think about it, even cheap airlines will hit you up for $25 to $50 bucks per bag. You can send a large package to your destination often for much less. If you are traveling by car, there is the opposite danger, overpacking. While overpacking isn’t going to cramp your style too much, it is unnecessary and just leaves you with more things to keep up with during your trip. One great way to limit the excess is to give every member of the family one bag for their personal items, such as clothes and toiletries. Limit them to bringing whatever they can pack into that one bag. 

Secret To Packing a Suitcase

It really doesn’t matter whether you pack a suitcase or a duffel bag or backpack, these methods will work great in all three. Many folks just fold up clothes and toss them in their bag. Big mistake, there is an easier way. 

Tip: Pack socks inside shoes to save space. 

The Roll

Rolling clothes is a very efficient way to pack. There is no real magic to it, just roll your items and stow them in your bag. You’ll be amazed how much more you can pack in a bag when you roll your clothes. Another great benefit is when you arrive at your destination you’ll discover your clothes will have few if any wrinkles. 

Use Cubes

Cubes are great. They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Most often they are square with a solid fabric bottom, a zipper closure, and mesh top. They are wonderful for keeping your clothes neat and organized. Remember, neatness means more room, more room means you can take more of your favorite items. Cubes are also great for keeping things like shoes and flip flops separate from other items. Because they usually have mesh tops, they also allow clothes to breathe.