Discover the Wonderful Sport of Kayaking

Some things get even better on the water. Carolina and Kure Beach are iconic and beautiful with incredible beaches, loads of family-friendly activities, and, of course, our famous boardwalk. However, if you’re looking for a great adventure and unique way to explore the local area, nothing beats a kayak.  With a little thoughtful preparation and a few lessons you can soon slip into the cockpit and begin exploring the waters of Carolina and Kure Beach. Here is everything you need to know to get into this exciting sport. 

Buying or Renting?

Chances are you’ll first rent a kayak. and take lessons before buying your first kayak. That is the prudent thing to do. Renting allows you to try different sizes, set up, and experience kayaks made of different materials. Kayaks range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Be sure to focus on buying the kayak that is specific to the type of water you’ll be paddling.

Seven tips for first time paddlers.

1. Be sure to take Lessons Get yourself a kayaking lesson. You might not think that you need one. How hard can it be to paddle a kayak, right? Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

2. Dress For The Water, Not The Weather. It might be a hot sunny day, so you’ll be tempted to wear shorts and a tee to go kayaking. But the water temperature might be colder than you think. Make sure you wear clothes that are appropriate for the water, not the air temperature.

3. Always Wear A Buoyancy Aid. Wearing a buoyancy aid is essential for any kayaker – whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler.

4. Sit Properly In Your Kayak. Learning how to sit properly in a kayak will make it so much easier when you start paddling. 

5. Don’t Kayak Alone. If there is one tip I would like to read in every kayaking for beginners guide it would be don’t kayak alone. It’s never a good idea to go kayaking by yourself – no matter how much experience you have had. Team up with another kayaker. If you get into trouble, at least there is someone there to help.

6. Know How To Rescue Yourself. The number one rule of kayaking for beginners is knowing how to rescue yourself and others. You might not capsize on your first kayaking excursion – especially if the water is calm and flat – but it’s always good to be prepared.

7. Hold the Paddle Properly. This might sound obvious, but plenty of people hold their paddle the wrong way when learning to kayak. Hold the paddle with both hands just over shoulder distance apart. Make sure the concave part of the blade is facing you. When you dip the paddle blade into the water, the concave part should sweep through the water. Check your knuckles are in line with the blade.

Essential gear list 

The key to a great day on the water is having the proper gear and being prepared for the weather. With this gear list you’ll be sure to be comfortable and prepared for whatever the day brings. Fire up the Amazon account and let’s start shopping for all the best kayaking gear.

The Basics at the very least you need to have a few things to get on the water. These include a PFD, sprayskirt (if the weather is bad), bilge pump, and a paddle. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water, a signal whistle, and sunscreen. With these basics you’re ready to go…almost. 

Proper Clothing is essential and never more so than when on the water where weather conditions can change quickly. Make sure to have a hat to protect yourself from the sun, a rain jacket, long sleeve shirt or something warm in the event the temperature drops or you get wet, and finally, neoprene boots or TEVAs are great for protecting your feet. 

Three great places to take lessons.

Paddle NC

One of the larger outfits in the area is Paddle NC offer an array of tours that are perfect for not only the first timer but also the experienced kayaker. If you book online, they offer at $5.00 coupon. Give them a call at 910-612-3297.

Pleasure Island Rentals

Pleasure Island Rentals is located just minutes away from any of our great vacation homes. They offer kayak rentals and tours as well as several other beach essentials. They even have a nighttime tour that is spectacular. 

Kayak Carolina

Located on Fisher Blvd in Kure Beach. The staff at Kayak Carolina offer everything from lessons to tours. If you want a great local outfit make sure to stop by and book an adventure at Kayak Carolina