Did Carolina Beach feel the earthquake? Our rentals didn’t suffer damage but how scary!!

Awake or asleep, the earth shook in Wilmington, NC around 1:07am Wednesday morning. The earthquake was not very strong registering at a magnitude of 0.8. According to John Ebel, the Director of Seismology at Boston College’s Weston geophysical research observatory, the location of the start of the quake was near Avalon Drive.  Periodically, earthquakes hit eastern Massachusetts, but Ebel has never seen one hit this location. Earthquakes are unpredictable and tend to scatter around making one hitting Wilmington not unusual.  Around 11:40 pm, Facebook post, tweets, phone calls and emails poured into WWAY from around the Cape Fear area. Most claimed to feeling a shake after hearing a loud boom. Another earthquake?  Not according to the US Geological Survey. So, what are all these reports about feeling the earth shake from Burgaw to Caswell Beach if it is not an earthquake?  Maybe, it’s the “Seneca Guns.” Seneca Guns is a legend of the ghosts of the Seneca Indians, who are getting revenge by using the guns the Europeans used on them years ago. An earthquake or the Seneca Guns; something raddled the earth in the Cape Fear area around noon!


For more!  https://wilmington.patch.com/articles/wilmington-earthquake-goes-unnoticed-early-wednesday-morning