Carolina Beach’s Boardwalk Gets Face Lift!

In less than a month, you will begin to see Carolina Beach’s boardwalk get a face lift. The Carolina Beach Town Council awarded a revitalization contract to the town for the boardwalk improvement project. Not only are these revitalization efforts expected to increase overall traffic to the boardwalk and beautify the boardwalk area, but also to add to the tax base.
Carolina Beach Revitalization

Boardwalk Revitalization

Work is expected to begin on September 15 according to the Town Manager, Michael Cramer. The project has been planned in phases with the first phase focusing on the demolition of the current boardwalk and re-establishment of a new boardwalk. The first phase has been granted $991,536.
The Mayor of Carolina Beach, Dan Wilcox claims that the boardwalk committee has estimated that they could raise between $200K and $300K for additional beautification efforts.
And, although not without contention, New Hanover County Commissioners approved a $500K grant to go towards the project. The County Manager, Chris Coudriet, felt that their would be no direct payback from the “loan,” but he was in the minority. The amount granted was pulled from the county’s fund balance which is typically thought of as a savings account for emergencies only.
So, keep your eyes peeled. Carolina Beach’s Boardwalk is about to get a new look.

Source: Port City Daily