The Air is Warm and the Donuts Hot at Britt’s Donuts

The air is warmer, which means breakfast just got a lot sweeter! For the 78th year, Britt’s Donuts will be opening its doors to locals and tourists. The beloved donut shop will come alive again very soon. The small batch donuts are crazy popular, especially since they only serve one donut: glazed.

Long lines always form for these fresh hot donuts of light and airy sweetness. You can watch them fry in front of you and come out dripping with goodness, right to your mouth. The place is small and makes life simple when ordering your breakfast or snack with only the glazed option. The aroma wafts down the boardwalk on hot days and nights, making this a huge hot spot for decades. Right now, the shop is only open on weekends until school is out and tourist season really kicks in on the boardwalk.

Britt’s originally opened in 1939 by the Britts and Wrights. Mr. Britt sold the company and the secret donut recipe to Bobby Nevins, his long-time employee. Mr. Nevins and his family have run the donut shop since the 1970s, making summer sweeter.

Britt’s Donuts is a community staple and it’s a rite of passage that you should partake of at least once during your visit to the Carolina & Kure Beach area. Just make sure you get an extra one-you will definitely want it later!